“Neighborhood” auto repair

car   I have always lived in a big city with mega-stores on every corner. These kinds of stores are very convenient and make it easy to purchase a variety of items all at one location. Grocery stores such as Safeway and Fry’s sell much more than just food. And do we even need to go into all the services that a Walmart superstore or super target offer? You can have your nails done, grocery bought, see an eye doctor, and have your oil changed all in the same trip!

Although these chain stores do make things quite a bit easier for us at times, they have caused us to lose sight of the little guy/gal. I personally don’t have much experience with buying groceries from a local “market” or having your oil changed at Joe’s garage down the street. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about how important these local businesses are not only to myself as a consumer but also the community .

I also wonder how the customer service experience would differ from that of a big-box store. I cant help but think that the stress levels of both employees and customers would go down. You probably wouldn’t have a mad rush of people waiting in line outside teh store before hours or huge over sized shopping carts going every which way Anybody who’s been to Sams club or IKEA on a weekend, knows what I am talking about. Although I cant imagine my life without a Safeway or even a Sam’s Club, I think it would be very beneficial  if we could all support the small guy/gal a little more often.

Locally owned businesses also have more of that personal feel. Instead of being just another number coming through the door, I am an individual that very well could be your daughters 3rd grade teacher,  or even your neighbor. And it is possible that we might even get to know each other a little or maybe even become friends all while I’m checking out at the market or having my car serviced at the garage.

I know that it is difficult to achieve this type of environment in a big city like phoenix but that doesn’t mean we cant try! 🙂 When Sal decided he was going to start his own repair shop, this is what he had in mind. He then assembled a group of people with a similar mindset to work for him. Everyone here has not only known each other for many years but we also consider each other friends.

Together we have created a work atmosphere that is both peaceful and energetic and we hope that our customers feel that from us as well. We are very hard workers and wont settle for less than the best in both quality and customer service and we care about the details of your experience with us and our shop.  We not only want to be your choice for auto repair now and in the future but we also want you to feel comfortable with us and be able to come to us with questions and maybe even stop in to say hello.

We want to be your “friendly neighborhood” auto repair shop.