Save money on auto repair!


I am sure we all have some minor dents and dings on our vehicle that we are just too busy to deal with or possibly┬ádebating on if we can live with them or not. Whether it be the car door that opened into yours, the pole that was just a little too close when backing up, or the scratch from your son’s bike, we can make the repair process easy and affordable for you.

Although we do work with all major insurance companies, you are our main priority. If you are not interested in filing a claim with your insurance company we completely understand. And we will do all we can to make the repair affordable. We have some great deals and would love to go over them for your vehicle specifically.

We also run specials practically year round. We are hoping to appeal to all types of customers in all different situations. We want to help save you money. So stop in so we can chat and show you what we have to offer, or call us at 623-236-8616 between 7 am and 5 pm. We would love to hear from you!